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Welcome to Stargate_Stamp : A stamping/rating community based on Stargate-SG1 and Stargate:Atlantis

sweetness_fairy, the comm's head maintainer, was inspired due her father and to friend ( nawag1r love of Stargate and Stargate: Atlantis, which got her sucked into the world of it and wondering why there wasn't a stamping comm for either series.Well now there is and for both! Stamping communities have been facing a rise in popularity of course some die.With luck, this particular comm won't share the same fate -- it offering not only process-free applications, but a certain degree of activity. (Like hell this is going under, basically -- the comm is updated at least once a week.)

In short: Read through the rules, join the community, and let the 'Stargate love' begin!!!!!


You remember those quick little quizilla applets you'd look up to determine whether or not you were closer to a fire or earth elemental, or what Naruto cup size you were supposed to be? And do you remember those long-as-all-hell surveys you took on various sites to divulge all your personal information, house address and dreams to strangers you just met five seconds ago or not at all? It's a bit of a cross between the two.

You do the information divulging, and random people determine what your personality or looks are closest to for any given series, or anything assigned. Characters, class, random household objects. You are then stamped with what was voted the most of you.

Remember, kids: It's fun to tell strangers what your favorite color is -- and only you can prevent forest fires.


Please read all rules before submitting an application.

Your app must follow the following guidelines to qualify for a stamp:
1. Has a majority vote of at least 5 for a certain character
(or 4-6 each of two different characters)
2. Has at least 1-3 listed links to other applications said user has voted on.

To elaborate:
1 :: When an app gains at least five votes of the same character, this counts as a majority vote, and likely the best candidate for stamping. If said app instead gains at least four votes each of two different characters, it is possible for there to be two majority votes, and thus, two - four stamps instead of one/two.

2 :: The community, unfortunately, wouldn't run if all of us posted our apps and never voted on any others -- were this the case, there'd be a huge pile of profiling that nobody would want to sort through. Make sure you vote on at least one-three other apps within a month of submitting your own application, listing a link to each vote. If left alone without all links for a month, your app will be deleted. (Fortunately, this comm is bound to go through some dry patches and said deletion is only a technicality. sweetness_fairy will sooner contact you personally than delete an app ... But please get those links in as soon as you can.)

3 :: Voting in a nutshell:

DOING IT WRONG: "I think you're a lot like Character."
DOING IT RIGHT: "I think you're a lot like Character, because [there are many reasons I find in your app that can be listed within my comment on it, and I can take five minutes out of my day to sort through and see why you best fit the character I listed.]"

Honestly, not every vote has to follow that layout. The main point here is just to give the applicant a fair evaluation -- The keyword here being because. Don't just say that they remind you of Jackson or Sheppard or whatever. Tell them why. We aren't asking you to write up an essay, either. (Though, the more elaboration, the better.)

Little twist at this comm, you can be voted as a character from Stargate SG-1 AND Stargate : Atlantis if you wish

Character Options:

Samantha Carter
George Hammond
Daniel Jackson
Jack O'Neill
Jonas Quinn
Major General Hank Landry
Cameron Mitchell
Vala Mal Doran

John Sheppard
Samantha Carter
Teyla Emmagan
Ronon Dex
Rodney McKay
Richard Woolsey
Elizabeth Weir
Jennifer Keller
Carson Beckett
Aiden Ford

APPLICATION ( put Stargate somewhere in the sunject line)
Do want just a SG-1 or SGA stamp or both?

Since we respect the LJ code ,are you over 13?:
Zodiac Sign:
Does Your Sign Suit Your Personality?
Describe Your Personality In Six Adjectives:
Your Hobbies:
Your Skills:
Your Weaknesses:
What Most People Like About You:

And even more questions...
Goals in life:
Favorite quote/lyric/saying & why:
What do you feel is your best quality?:
Your worst?:
What color would you say you are and why?:
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?:



This or That
Implusive or Cautious
Leader or Follower:
Optimistic or Pessimistic:
Mature or not so mature:
Pleasure or Sacrifice:
Confident or Shy:
Kind or Selfish:
Introverted or Extroverted:

And even more this/that
Love or Passion:
Hate or Honour:
Life or Death:
Rule or Be Ruled:
Steal or Give:
Low, medium, or high energy level:

Stargate : SG-1(skip if you only want SGA votes)

Favorite Episode?
Favorite Pairing or Character?
Least Favorite Character?
Favorite Villian?

Stargate Atlantis( skip if you only want SG-1 votes)

Favorite Episode?
Favorite Pairing or Character?
Least Favorite Character?
Favorite Villian?

Yay! The last few questions
If you were given the chance to permanently become part of the Stargate crew(as "yourself"), would you take it?:
If you could become any character from the series for one day - 24 hours - who would it be? and why?:
Wanna let us know more about you well here is your chance: